Cultures and Values

A Winning Culture

The least that can be said about Rochon Legault s.e.n.c.r.l. is that the firm has totally revamped the image of traditional offices! Partners, as well as all staff members, are committed to the success of companies that entrust their accounting needs to them. Everyone is working to develop the vision of company clients and at the same time offer an outside perspective, enriched by its experience.

Furthermore, the firm’s growth is not only due to the development of its new clientele, but also by the growth of companies that are already clients.

“We have been directly involved in the growth of several SME’s that started very small and have grown over time. In a way, we have replaced financial specialists that are very expensive for SME’s and we ensure that the financial machine respects the targeted objectives of our clients.”

The passion shown by partners is their driving force and they convey this through their sound advice and suggestions that are aimed at improving the situations of companies who have decided to place their trust in us.

This method of working creates a greater sense of inclusiveness among partners toward client companies. These members who are working behind the scenes feel a great sense of pride when their clients succeed.


Strength in Unity

Since each link in the chain is essential, partners are committed to the quality and the abilities of their staff which is the secret to excellent service. Continuous training and advantageous working conditions explain the low rate of staff turnover.

By providing working conditions that are conducive to their development, the company therefore ensures that its employees can grow professionally while developing their professional judgment.

“Everyone is important here! From the reception staff right up to the partners, all employees must be happy in their work.Everyone’s role is essential,” M. Legault proudly stated.